IVICT is sponsoring the Global Chlor-Alkali Conference 2019


IVICT Europe GmbH is a Strategic Partner and holds the Innovation Reception

The industry of Chlor-Alkali products is facing challenging times. At the summit of main producers, distributors and customers from IHS Markit, held in Rome from September 9-11, 2019, IVICT is one of the sponsors.

The focus of the conference is to discuss the status of the industry and show perspectives for the participants of the industry how to manage the upcoming months.
IVICT Europe will provide a presentation to the conference about important activities and responsibilities of traders in the market, securing value for the products and combining the customer needs with the capabilities of the manufacturing landscape.

Find more information about the conference on https://ihsmarkit.com/events/Global-ChlorAlkali-Conference-2019/overview.html.